Meet Our Team

OmnyLaunch was founded in 2020 around a collective passion about building great products and companies. We believe Silicon Valley places too much emphasis on knowing how to code. We're removing this barrier by helping great problem-solvers quickly turn their ideas into lean startups. If you're interested in working with us, please reach out - we'd love to meet you!
Lucas Negritto, CEO/CTO
August Rosedale, COO/CIO
Alex Reents, CSO
Head of Product
Karlise Loza
Head of Accounting
Syed Ali
Head of Sales
JD Worcester
Growth Marketer
Beckett Johnson
Product Manager
Sukruth Krishnakumar
Product Manager
Agustín Izaguirre
Technical Project Manager
Agustín Gregorieu
Lead Engineer
Gilad Bechor
Lead Designer
Ethan Jones
Business Consultant
Darius Johnson
VC Partner

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