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Mileage is bringing people together over both fitness and charity, giving friends and family a chance to compete against each other all while making a positive impact. Going for a run? Post it on your Mileage feed so friends and family can like, share, and donate turning your routine jog into a run supporting the charity of your choice. 

Support your friends and family members by pledging a certain amount of money for every mile, kind of like an elementary school “Jog a Thon”. Track your runner in real time with Mileage's built in GPS system and receive a confirmation notification when the run is complete and your donation has been made! 

Read more about how Omny Launch helped founder Bishop Washington turn his idea into reality. 


SCARBO is a new, all-encompassing arts community for and by young creatives. Scarbo.Digital curates, collaborates, and executes original projects, publishing multi-media content on their platform. Scarbo creates a safe space for viewers to absorb content in a unique way.

Have an interesting Art, Music, or Fashion project? Submit it to Scarbo.Digital now!


Parstar engages silent students in large classrooms by providing Q&A & Polling tools to teachers in live and virtual environments. First introduced into classrooms at Cal Poly, Parstar has helped hundreds of students better interact with both professors and peers in large classrooms.

Education technology is one of OmnyLaunch's areas of expertise. We love working with entrepreneurs motived to help educate new generations!

Bright Pattern

Bright Pattern technology is the industry’s simplest, most powerful cloud contact center. It’s new, it’s different, and it will revolutionize the way that fast, easy customer service is delivered.

Today, Bright Pattern offers innovative cloud contact center solutions that empower mid- and enterprise-size businesses to deliver great customer experience across all communications and messaging channels, faster and easier than ever before. 

Find out more about how Omny Launch helped Bright Pattern scale their sales outreach efforts!

Kitts Coaching

Kitts Coaching helps you become the athlete you want to be by training smarter not harder. With custom coaching options complete with lifting programs and nutrition guidance backed by science, trusted by elite athletes, and proven by results, Kitts Coaching can help you achieve your next fitness goal. 

With Kitts Coaching you will receive training programs designed to achieve your goals, the ability to track your training and nutrition to get the results you’re looking for. 

Kitts Coaching is now available in a web format and a mobile App will be made available in the App store soon!

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Bishop Washington
Founder and CEO Mileage

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Marlo Custodio
Founder and Creative Director Neeba.Agency

Omny Launch has been a massive help to our business. I've been dreaming of having the sytem that was built for me for over 6 years. The technology Omny Launch is putting in place is going to allow us to scale almost infinitely.

Johnathan Kitts
Founder and CEO Kitts Coaching

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Jacob Ward
Founder and CEO Scarbo.Digital

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Caden Moskowitz
Founder and CEO of Blue Ember Group